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On Site Repair Cheras Bangi Kajang Cyberjaya Putrajaya Puchong Subang Shah Alam PJ Ampang Gombak

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Specialist Smartphone & Macbook Laptop

Servis Kami :

📌 Tukar LCD Screen Pecah
📌  Masalah Bateri Kembung/ Drain
📌  Masalah Kamera / Speaker
📌  Format Laptop & Install Software
📌  Motherboard Problem Tak Boleh On/ No Display etc


Our Services :
🎯 LCD/ Battery Replacement
🎯 Camera/ Ribbon Replacement
🎯 Format/ Fan Cleaning Laptop
🎯 Install Softwares
🎯 Motherboard Issue Cant On/No Display etc

Our Expertise:
✅ Repair FACE TO FACE Minor Problem
✅ Warranty Minimum 3 Months
✅ 100% Trusted
✅ Spareparts Original Manufacture
✅ More than 100 Testimony satisfied customers

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